What I’m Doing Right Now

6/9/2018  Preparing to present “Ten Years After The Great War in the Heart of Dixie: A Survey of Research Opportunities” at Over There / Over Here: Alabama in World War 1 being held at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, June 8-9.  Program here.

5/10/2018  Published ahead of the event.  I’ll present “Digitizing Audio on the Cheap” (See my SlideShare deck) on a panel with my friends Dana Chandler and Greg Schmidt at the 2018 Society of Florida Archivists meeting in Tallahassee, FL.

4/23/2018 Things got busy between last year and now, but I’m back!  I’ll talk to Dr. Blake Busbin’s AP US History classes at Auburn High (AL) on April 25 re: Desegregation of Auburn University.

7/18/2017  Hot dang!  My new book is in the wild!  Getting Out of the Mud: The Alabama Good Road Movement and Highway Administration, 1898-1928, by University of Alabama Press.  Check it out here.

4/18/2017  Prepping for summer term class, HIS 3375, Historical Methods.  Awaiting upcoming Alabama Historical Association and Alabama Association of Historians meetings this weekend, where I’ll present a paper at AHA and become interim president of AAH.  Also preparing for presentation at Society of Florida Archivists in St. Pete, May 9-10.  Will present “Alabama in WW1,” at the Opelika Library on May 9 and “The Art of War: WW1 in Postcards, Photographs, and Posters” on May 21 at the Autauga County Genealogical Society.

1/31/2017  Received notification that I’ve been promoted to Full Professor as of August 1.  Editing an interview with Stephen McNair of McNair Historic Preservation, Inc. conducted last week and that will become an Alabama Historical Association podcast as well as an oral text for my HIS 4425, Principles of Public History students this term.

1/28/2017  Correcting galley proofs and indexing my forthcoming book, Getting Out of the Mud: The Alabama Good Roads Movement and Highway Administration, 1898-1928 from the University of Alabama Press, summer 2017.  Deadline is 2/21/17.  I think I’ll make it early.

1/23/2017  Physical project: direct preparation of video conferencing room in Library, which entails disposing of the last 3 card catalog file cabinets we owned, having the room painted and carpets cleaned, and having the new video conference table constructed.  Also, I established a Reference Desk in the front of our Reference Room and have convinced the staff to sit at that desk.  At lest they tell me I’ve convinced them.

1/12/2017  We returned to school on January 3, at which time I became the Interim Director of the Troy Dothan Library and launched my online class, HIS 4425, Principles of Public History.  I’m completing the final report for an NEH Common Heritage grant and preparing another NEH grant to hold workshops in gathering, securing, and maintaining personal and small institutional archives in the rural Wiregrass.  This will be a joint project, I hope, with Dana Chandler at Tuskegee University.

12/20/2016  Figuring out how to edit this WordPress site in preparation for my forthcoming book Getting Out of the Mud: Alabama’s Good Roads Movement and Highway Administration, 1898-1928 (University of Alabama Press, 2017).  Also prepping a lecture on the ethics of Public History for my Term 3 class, HIS 4425, Principles of Public History, and editing the Historic Chattahoochee Commission website.

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  1. I enjoyed hearing your talk given at the archives this past Wednesday about your book, “Getting Out of the Mud”, but regretted that you had insufficient time to discuss the backgrounds of some of the progressive leaders in the state who were trying to encourage Alabama to improve its system of roadways. That subject is probably covered more in depth in your book. The book sounded fascinating, but at $50 a copy the UA Press is not exactly encouraging copies to fly off the shelves. I’ve read some of the first pages on Amazon, and the book appears to be well-researched and readable, encouraging me to save my allowance money to make a purchase in the future. Are you planning a follow-up book on some of Alabama’s progressive leaders, at the beginning of the twentieth century? Thanks again for your book and your talk.

    1. Thanks for your contact. I have just posted the recording of my talk, and I appreciate you attending. I agree the price is steep and hope UA Press will release a paperback version soon.

      To directly answer your question, I have not planned to do anything on Progressive era leaders per se, but it’s a good idea and I’ll put that on my list of possible future projects. If I can’t do it, maybe I can suggest it to another researcher.


      Marty Olliff

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